A future proof backup plan.

Yup, I’m really getting to like SQL 2008. How’s this for two backup plans? The first completes a full backup of every database (system included) every 1am. The second backs up the transaction-logs of every database every 4 hours, from 00:45.

The beauty is, plan-1 will automatically incorporate any new databases that the developer cares to create. Similarly plan-2, backs-up every database’s transaction log, ignoring those in Simple recovery mode.

First look at SQL 2008

My first look at sql 2008 (standard edition, 64 bit, on Windows 2008) was … mixed.

First thing I wanted to do was set-up a full daily on-disk backup. I found I was unable to backup to a remote server IE: ‘\[ipaddress]backup$’, as I would get ‘access denied’. Further, I was then unable to edit the maint-plan as the Modify option from the context menu didn’t seem to work. For now I just deleted the plan and made a new one that backed up locally.

On the brighter side I like the ‘activity monitor’ with the row of graphs at the top. Influenced by Oracle me thinks.

Additionally I found the new object-explorer-details panel a joy. Although its really just a re-working of the old sql2000 ‘Taskpad’ view.

So, my initial impression of sql2008 is that its fresh, reflective of current fashion, and a bit buggy.