Two SSDT’s

Microsoft seems to have two products called SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools)

1. A development environment for SSIS etc.

2. A source control tool that uses TFS.

To install 1. You choose SSDT as an option whilst installing SQL Server 2008r2 or 2012.

To install 2. It is a separate download for Visual Studio 10 and 12, or a post installation option for Visual Studio 13.

(SSDT is really just a badly integrated set of tools. I find treating it as two distinct products keeps me sane whilst googling)

Log Space

I noticed a jump in logfile size the other day and was wondering how to predict a autogrowth event.

I know old data is truncated after a log-backup but that’s internal and not normally visable.

I came up with this to run across production …

-- To help find near-full logfiles that may autogrow soon.

-- create table to hold raw data
CREATE TABLE #temp (DBName varchar(100), SizeMB int, UsedPct float, [STATUS] bit)

-- populate table
INSERT #temp EXEC('DBCC SQLPERF(logspace)')

-- output
SELECT DBName, SizeMB, UsedPct FROM #temp --WHERE UsedPct > 90 -- 90% full

-- clean-up