Welcome to my technical blog. I like data and databases they seem to be at the heart of everything, although my perspective may be a tad biased :).

Below I plan to jot down things that trip me up in work, along with things I find interesting. There will be no “level” to my posts, some will seem blindingly obvious. Hopefully others will be deeper and of more interest.

I tend to write in the first person (“… this worked for me” rather than “this may work for you if your environment is similar to mine”) in the hope that you can adapt my succinct notes that ACTUALLY WORKED to your situation.

Expensive Spaghetti

Now that cloud computing has made the cost of things more visable. It is easier to see how much money is being wasted carrying around legacy spaghetti code.

Where once I.T. Managers prioritized the task of cleaning up inefficient code that works as “one day”. Now a cloud-compute-unit can be tied directly to cold-hard-cash. “Technical Debt” suddenly has an individual price sticker.

Subtree Cost = DTU’s = Money