Reinstalling HPOV to stop it freezing.

After a while using HPOV over a slow network the application may freezes when I try to perform any action that spawnes a new window (eg: ‘Closure Code’).

The cure is to re-install, but its not too difficult.

1) take copies of srv.DAT and Views.DAT from ‘C:Documents and Settingsrichard smithApplication DataHewlett-PackardOpenViewService Desk’

2) delete the folder ‘C:Documents and Settingsrichard smithApplication DataHewlett-PackardOpenViewService Desk’.

3) start up hpov and click ‘next’ within the connection wizard

4) paste the server name from srv.DAT (eg: ’′), into the text-box.

5) type name and password (eg: ‘Richard Smith’, ‘password’).

6) type anything for the friendly name (eg: ‘hpov’), then click finish.

7) before loging-in copy the Views.DAT back into the folder deleted in step-2

8) login as normal (there will be an unusually long delay first time)

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