Upgrading SQL 2005 Express to SQL Server 2005 Standard

Having completed building a new application a customer wanted to upgrade there back-end database from SQL Express to full SQL Server 2005 for licencing issues.

Here’s my walk through …

Having already installed IIS and navigated within a command-prompt to the media (cd “D:AppsSQL 2005Disk 1”). I ran “setup.exe SKUUPGRADE=1”.

I accepted the licencing conditions, and continued installing components

1) SQL Server Database Services

2) Integration services

(resisting the temptation to re-assign the datafiles from the small C-Drive to the larger D-Drive), until Getting to the ‘Instance Name’ screen where I clicked the ‘Installed Instances’ button.

The next screen confirms the SQL Express instance name, I clicked ‘OK’, then with the instance-name autocompleted clicked Next.

In the ‘existing components’ screen I ticked the one box to request an upgrade and clicked ‘next’.


The resulting upgrade is not obvious, however it can be confirmed my right-clicking on the server in enterprize manager and examining the version.

Following on from this SP3 should be applied.

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