autocheck wip

— autocheck.sql, RbS, to automate daily checks.

— create (temp) table (during development) to store results
drop table #ac
create table #ac(
cdate smalldatetime default getdate(),
c_free_gb int,
f_free_gb int,
up_since smalldatetime,
last_err smalldatetime,
last_jobf int)

— start a new row with todays date
insert into #ac default values

— temp-table to store raw drive-space
drop table #fs
create table #fs(
drive char(1),
mb_free int)
insert #fs exec xp_fixeddrives

— save drive-spaces
update #ac set c_free_gb = mb_free/1024 from #fs where drive = ‘C’
update #ac set f_free_gb = mb_free/1024 from #fs where drive = ‘F’

— save up_since
update #ac set up_since = crdate from sys.sysdatabases where name = ‘tempdb’

— latest error in sql-error-log
drop table #er
create table #er(
logdate datetime,
processinfo varchar(20),
text varchar(500))

insert #er exec xp_ReadErrorLog 0, 1, ‘error’ — errors in current sql-error-log
update #ac set last_err = (select max(logdate) from #er)

— date of last job failure
update #ac set last_jobf = (select max(run_date) from msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory)

select * from #ac

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