Enabling the ‘Dedicated Administrator Connection’

You need to have pre-enabled DAC before you can use this feature (that’s emergency access to SQL-Server-Management-Studio for Administrators), oh and it only seems to work to default instances. Firstly connect as normal to SSMS

– right-click on the server/instance and choose ‘facets’
– choose the bottom facet ‘Surface Area Configuration’
– change ‘RemoteDacEnabled’ to ‘True’ and click OK
– close SSMS

To test
– open SSMS on the local machine
– Click the Cancel button
– click the ‘x’ to close Object Explorer
– choose File / New / Database Engine Query
– prefix the Server name with ‘admin:’ and click Connect.

You can now run commands to troubleshoot the problem, but without help from the Object Explorer window.

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