Using ‘CoreFTP’ command line

To download a backup from an FTP site then delete the original …

C:pathcorecmd.exe -s -O -site site -d /path/latestbackup.bak -p c:ftp -delsrc -log c:logfile.log

-s = silent

-O = overwrite

-site = pre configured connection details within coreftp gui

-d = path to ftp site

-p = local destination

-delsrc = delete source after successful download

-log = record a logfile

******** UPDATE Dec 2012 ********

I found that this utility was the only way I could find to script/schedule FTPS uploads & downloads. Here’s more working examples …

“C:Program Files (x86)CoreFTPcorecmd.exe” -s -OS -site thirdpartyname -u “E:DBAthirdpartynamesomefilename_2012*.txt” -p “/export files/” -log E:DBAthirdpartynamelogfile.log

“C:Program Files (x86)CoreFTPcorecmd.exe” -s -OS -site thirdpartyname -d “/Client imports/somefilename_*.txt” -p \mylocalsqlserverdbathirdpartyname -log \mylocalsqlserverdbathirdpartynamelogfile.log

– The use of double quotes so the utility isn’t confused by spaces in the path.
– The -OS switch which means copy everything except what’s already copied.
– The use of wild-cards with -OS to simplify management of file-names containing dates.
– the use of -u for uploading, and -d for downloads.

2 thoughts on “Using ‘CoreFTP’ command line”

  1. Hi, really good post, i was wondering if there’s any argument that I could send that tells coreFTP to only send the modify or new files???

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