Removal of SQL Server 2008 R1

The day after I installed two instances of SQL Server 2008 R1 on my old Windows-2003 test-server I decided to remove them, here’s what I did …

– rebooted 😉
– start/ settings/ control panel/ add or remove programs/ Microsoft SQL 2008/ remove
– from the instance screen I chose the last instance installed
– from the component screen I ticked All Components
– rebooted and repeated the above steps for the other instance
– used the Add or Remove screen to remove the SQL 2008 browser then native client
– removed the base folders for the two instances from my c-drive
– used Start/Search to find any other folders modified yesterday (happily there were none)
– rebooted then fired up SQL Server 2005 to test it still worked – no problems 🙂

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