Moving SSIS packages

To copy IIS packages that are stored in MSDB from PROD to UAT I connected to the ‘Integration Services’ object of both servers within SSMS.

To ‘pull’ the package from PROD into UAT I first drilled down both trees (EG: server stored packages msdb ) to see which folders were missing.

The first one was called ‘Press’ so I right-clicked on the UAT msdb icon  and created a new folder with that name.

I right-clicked on the new folder and chose ‘import package’. This opened a config-box, within which I just filled in the ‘server:’ and Package path:’ values. The first contained the name of the PROD server (including instance).

The ‘package path’ box contained one parent folder (‘SSIS Packages’) and subfolders for each package. I opened the ‘Press’ folder and selected the package within. Once I clicked ‘ok’ twice the package was copied over.

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