Using OUTPUT to simplify the auditing of data changes.

Here’s an example of using OUTPUT to simplify the recording of updates etc …

-- create the audit log
create table audit_table (fname varchar(50), colour varchar(50), 
old_tasty int, changed smalldatetime, new_tasty int)

-- create and populate the fruit table
create table fruit (fname varchar(50),colour varchar(50),tasty int)
insert into fruit values ('banana','yellow',6),('kiwi','green',3),('gooseberry','green',2)

-- change score to 'yuk' for any green fruits
update fruit set tasty = 1
output deleted.*, getdate(), inserted.tasty into audit_table
where colour = 'green'

-- check audit log
select * from audit_table

… and another nail in the coffin of Triggers 🙂

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