Converting Delphi datetime to SQL Server

--1of2 -- convert delphi datetime to sql

-- input a delphi float for conversion
declare @input float = 41492.9039269676 -- <<<<<<<<<<< user input

-- seperate the date-part
declare @date int = @input

-- seperate the time-part
declare @time float = (@input - @date)

-- display results
select @input 'delphi', cast(dateadd(dd, @date, '1899-12-30 00:00:00') + @time as datetime) [sql]

--2of2 -- convert sql datetime to delphi

-- input the sql datetime for conversion
declare @input2 datetime = '2013-08-06 21:41:39.290' -- <<<<<<<<<<<< user input

-- display results
select @input2 [sql], cast(@input2 as float)+2 'delphi'

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