Fixing SQL Server problems

SQL Server is just another Windows application, and like all Applications it ticks mechanically through its work within its environment.

If your data machine has stopped ticking or seems about to, you’re going to have to do something about it. Machines don’t heal. So first take some time to think about what changed just before it started playing up?

Or perhaps you know exactly what the problem is – its just grinding to a crawl under too heavy a load. If so – resist the urge to simply “fix-everything” by throwing every resource available at it and hoping it’ll keep going to the top of the hill. In this case its much wiser to find the squeaky-wheel before doing anything else.

  1. Have you a good backup? take another.
  2. Categorize the issue as either …
    1. Something went wrong (undo it) or
    2. The database is struggling (tune it).

… and good luck 🙂

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