My SQL 2008 Install optimizations

1)create service accounts & add to local admin
2) optimize power settings
3) optimize TempDB datafiles (number, size, & T1118)
4) set max-memory
5) set compressed backups
6) optimize cost parallel >> 80
7) adhoc workloads
8) resize & set autogrowth for system db’s
9) transfer logins (revlogins)
10) ola solution install customize, schedule
11) setup operator & database mail
12) config notifications
13) setup links & permissions
14) install whoisactive
15) check recovery models are full for log backups
16) initial manual backup/restore
17) update usage and purity
18) configure remote dtc
19) set cmdshell to match old server
20) add me to local admin
21) make catchall backup job
22) transfer jobs

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