I tend to paste this (below) into SSMS keyboard shortcuts under Ctrl+F1 so I can instantly see what’s going on. 

EXEC [master].[dbo].[sp_WhoIsActive] @get_outer_command=1, @get_plans=1, @get_additional_info = 1, @get_task_info = 2, @output_column_list = '[dd%][session_id][block%][sql_text][login_name][CPU%][wait_info][tasks][tran_log%][database%][Program%][percent%][host%][reads%][writes%][sql_command][query_plan][locks][%]'

When it’s too slow 🙂 I use a “lite” version under Crtl+3

EXEC [master].[dbo].[sp_WhoIsActive] @get_additional_info = 1, @output_column_list = '[dd%][session_id][block%][sql_text][sql_command][login_name][CPU%][wait_info][tasks][tran_log%][database%][Program%][percent%][host%][reads%][writes%][query_plan][locks][%]'

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