PostgreSQL study notes – Installation

Download from Enterprise DB, gui is the one to go for, remember xhost on linux

1. Install. For prod you should indicate that data files are stored independently of the source tree. A ‘Cluster’ is not a classic Cluster IE: a Server Cluster, just means all the databases on this particular box.

2. Explore the footprint of the install. ‘\\bin\ contains utilities like psql.exe (terminal monitor). \\data\  contains all databases and 3x config files & pg_log/ (log files), pg_xlog/ (write ahead log folder). postmaster.opts (startup options)

3. Provide access to internal docs via web-browser bookmark eg: file:///C:/Program%20Files/PostgreSQL/9.5/doc/postgresql/html/index.html

4. Add \\bin file to path – for psql.exe etc (eg: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin). posqlgresql clients default to submitting the current logged-in users name as the DB user name (eg: “psql” without -U will assum user is windows-user).

5. Add system variable ‘PGUSER=postgres’ workaround so psql etc wont try to login to utilities as o/s-user


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