Adding a NOT NULL column to an existing table

-- AddingNotNullColumnToExistingTable.sql

-- 1. Add new column to the old table, as NULL for now

	ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TableName] 
	ADD [ColumnName] INT NULL

-- 2. Set the default to zero for new rows

	ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TableName] 
	ADD CONSTRAINT [DF_TableName_ColumnName] 
	DEFAULT(0) FOR [ColumnName]

-- 3. Change all existing null values to zeros

	UPDATE [dbo].[TableName] 
	SET [ColumnName] = 0 
	WHERE [ColumnName] IS NULL

-- 4. Change column from NULL to NOT NULL

	ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TableName] 

-- Undo (while testing)

	ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TableName] 
	DROP CONSTRAINT [DF_TableName_ColumnName]

	ALTER TABLE [dbo].[TableName] 
	DROP COLUMN [ColumnName]

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