Managed Backups

Managed Backups were a great new feature with SQL 2014 and above. They allow backups to the cloud and are managed from within SSMS.

There is a GUI but its just for initialization. Configuration all happens through TSQL. Here is my work sheet …

-- managedBackups.sql

-- view server config

USE msdb;
SELECT * FROM smart_admin.fn_backup_instance_config();

-- view server config details

USE msdb;SELECT db_name, is_managed_backup_enabled, retention_days, storage_url, encryption_algorithm
FROM smart_admin.fn_backup_db_config(NULL)

-- disable individual log backup

USE msdb;
EXEC smart_admin.sp_set_db_backup
@database_name = [DISC_Green_Abbey_8230003_test],
@enable_backup = 0;

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