Install Azure SQL Server and Databases

Portal click-by-click

1. Create SQL Server
– Home / SQL Servers / Add
– Subscription: “FT”
– Resource Group: “(New) SD-resource”
– Server Name “SD-server”
– Region: “(Europe) UK South” (London)
– Admin login “SD-login” / pw
– Allow Azure Services to access this server: “No”
– Enable advanced security: “Not now”
(wait 2 minutes)

2. Create SQL Database
– Home / SQL Databases / Add
– Database name: “SD-db”
– Elastic pool?: No
– Resources: “5 DTU’s (Basic)”
– Data source: “None” (blank database)
(wait 2 minute)
– Home / SQL Databases
– Database Features
– TDE: “Off”

3. Server level Connectivity
– Home / SQL Servers / Server name: “” (cut)
– SSMS (paste) / SQL Server Authentication / SD-login / pw

3b. Messages
– “The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found” =
server name was wrong.
– “New Firewall Rule” = your i/p is not on the server firewall list. Do you want to add it ? = Yes

4. (optional) database connectivity
a. exec sp_set_database_firewall_rule dbfwrule1, ‘’, ‘’;
b. select * from sys.database_firewall_rules
c. exec sp_delete_database_firewall_rule dbfwrule1

– Azure SQL DB offers 3 service tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium.
– These tiers define performance and recovery.
– Performance is measured in DTU’s
– Multiple DB’s can share resources through Elastic Database Pools.

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