Backup KeePass

Its important to have a backup copy of your password vault. An easy and robust solution is to use the Windows Task Scheduler program to schedule a regular backup.

To start, create a folder to hold the script and the backup. For example C:\Temp\Backup\.

Next, create and test a command that copies your keepass file to the backup location EG: “XCOPY C:\Users\88776655\Downloads\Database.kdbx C:\Temp\Backup\ /Y” and save it in a text document within the backup folder. EG: “C:\Temp\Backup\BackupKeePass”.

Change the properties of the “Backup” folder so you can see the file extensions IE: BackupKeePass.txt” …

Then change the extension from txt to bat and test it works (right-click, open).

  • Start up the Task Scheduler by typing it into the Windows search bar.
  • Right-click on “Task Scheduler Library” and create a new folder “My Tasks”.
  • Right-click on “My Tasks” and choose “Create Task”. Give it a name like “Backup KeePass” and click the radio-button “Run whether a user is logged in or not”
  • On the Triggers tab, schedule it or set it to run every log on.
  • On the Actions tab create a new action to start a program and browse to the bat file.
  • On the Settings tab, select “Stop task if runs longer than 1 Hour”, and click OK.

To test make a change in KeePass and save it. The reboot , login and examine the date the backup was created.

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