Oracle Financials ‘Active Users’ report.

To get a report of Active Users for a customer I
– logged in as ‘sysadmin’.
– Started Systems Administrator
– Chose Requests / Run / Single Request
– Typed ‘active’ in the Name field, and clicked Submit.
– Chose Active Users, ok and ok again.
– Clicked Refresh Data until I found the ‘Active Users’ job complete …
– Chose View Output, then Tools / Copy File, File / Save as
– Chose the location as h-drive (a shared drive) / Sequent / ANN (in this case) and clicked Save.
– I exited Oracle Financials
– Typed ‘net use’ at a command prompt to find the path to the h-drive
– And emailed the file’s name and location to the customer (eg: \NW-GIR-TSTSSHARESequentANN)

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