dbcc checkfilegroup – semi-automatic

On a very-large database I wanted to check each filegroup for corruption with real-time feedback. That is, I did not want to just set a loop going and wait indefinately for the results. Also I did not want info-messages.

The semi-automatic query I wrote (below) runs CheckFileGroup against the smallest filegroup and stops. Then when manually re-run (in the same SSMS session) checks the next smallest filegroup etc.

Then at the end of the day I would know where it was upto.

-- checkfilegroups_vldb.sql
-- use current (snapshot?)

-- create table of filegroup names and sizes
begin try
     select fg.name, sum(df.size/128) mb
     into #tables
     from sys.filegroups fg
     join sys.database_files df on fg.data_space_id = df.data_space_id
     group by fg.name
     order by mb, name
     select '[F5] to Start'
end try

--check each filegroup starting with smallest
begin catch
     select * from #tables
     declare @sql varchar(100)
     select top 1 @sql = 'dbcc checkfilegroup (''' + name + ''') with all_errormsgs, no_infomsgs;' from #tables order by mb, name
    delete from #tables where name = (select top 1 name from #tables order by mb, name)
    if (select count(*) from #tables) = 0
        drop table #tables
        select 'Complete'
end catch

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