Resize Datafile

Here’s a simplified version of my previous datafile resizing helper script. I tend to resize most datafiles to 30%free on Friday afternoons for resilience over the weekend 😉


create table #filestats 
(fileid int, fg int, AllocatedSpace int, UsedSpace int, dfile varchar(200), DataFile varchar(200))

insert into #filestats exec('dbcc showfilestats')
update #filestats set AllocatedSpace = AllocatedSpace * 0.0625, UsedSpace = UsedSpace * 0.0625

select DataFile, AllocatedSpace, UsedSpace,
     cast(cast(AllocatedSpace - UsedSpace as numeric) / AllocatedSpace * 100 as int) [Free%],
     cast(UsedSpace * 1.449 as int) [Plus30%]
from #filestats 
-- where datafile like 'E%' -- e-drive only
order by [free%]

drop table #filestats

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