A little slice of my dba day

A little slice of my dba life 🙂 … during morning-checks I noticed the MSDB database was 2.9GB and growing (in utility explorer). I ran the built-in SSMS report ‘Disk Usage by Table’ and found the table sysjobhistory was by far the largest (at 2.6GB).

I checked the sql-job that manages job history – there wasn’t one :). I created sql-job ‘Prune Backup History’ with the command ‘delete from msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory where run_date < convert(char(8), getdate()-30,112)', and scheduled it to run every 5am.

I ran it manually and was disappointed to find the table was still 2.4GB in size. I fired-up SSDT and created a new IS project. I dragged the 'Data profiling Task' to the design surface and configured it to output to \\server\share\msdbprofile. Within 'quickprofile' I connected to the server/database/table.

I saved the package, ran it (made a coffee), then opened the task again and clicked 'open profile viewer'.

Within 'Column Value Distribution Profiles' I found a disproportionate 74% of the run_date values were the same date (about 2 weeks ago). Double-clicking this result I could NOT see the name of the job (in the raw data) but recognised the step-name as belonging to the cdc job I had set-up … about two weeks ago, lol.

I concluded the sql-job was fine, and would dramatically shrink sysjobhistory – in a few weeks time. Cake time 🙂

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