Running Checktable in batches

To check for corruption on a large, busy database I was able to use my filegroup checking script on all but one filegroup.

To polish off the final (monster) filegroup, I resorted to creating a database-snapshot (in the morning) and running this (checktable) script during the day.

btw: Whilst I realise checking a database-snapshot is of limited use, I reasoned it was better than the only alternative (not checking).

Before leaving work I would review the results and drop the snapshot (for application optimization), in rediness to create a fresh one (and continue) the next day.


use TheSnapshotName

-- capture table-names from the named filegroup - once
begin try
     into master.dbo.fgtables
     from sys.indexes i
     join sys.filegroups f on i.data_space_id = f.data_space_id
     join sys.all_objects o on i.object_id = o.object_id
     where = 'somefilegroupname'
     order by
end try

-- check tables one-by-one
begin catch
     declare @sql varchar(200)
          while (select count(*) from master.dbo.fgtables) > 0
               select top 1 @sql = 'dbcc checktable ("dbo.' + name + '")' from master.dbo.fgtables order by name
               delete from master.dbo.fgtables where name = (select top 1 name from master.dbo.fgtables order by name)
end catch

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